Quitting sink type5 overlay

If i make deepsteam run in sink type5 (overlay) is there any way of returning to the desktop??

Its to make a system which autoboots into deepstream but the person ts for doesnt have the ability to ssh into the nano to make any changes if required

thanks Chris

Currently deepstream-app can accept keyboard message to control the app.

Hi Fiona,

Is there a list of which keys work but I cannot find a single key that does anything when I use Sink 5. The deepstream-app goes full screen and no interactions with the system is possible at all. I have to switch off the power and reboot.


You can press “q” to quit the app.
The key list can be found in /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-5.0/sources/apps/deepstream-app/deepstream_app_main.c

fantastic thanks, so simple now i know!