qxcbconnection xcb error

we have an strange error when we start an qt window on jetpack 4.3.

qxcbconnection xcb error 148 (unknown) sequence

We have compiled and installed a new OpenCV version with GPU support.
Does Jetpack 4.3. have special dependencies?

We have tried qt5 on TX2:
For your reference. Qt is a 3rdparty tool and you may see if other users can share you experience/guidance.

Thanks for the message.
Unfortunately the suggestion didn’t help :-/

Sorry that we are not maintaining any Qt application. Maybe you could file the topic in Qt forum.

Also, I think you could explain more about your application and how this error occurs. We are not Qt expert so don’t even know the connection between openCV and Qt window. It would be better if you could share why you mentioned openCV in #1.