R21 Linux boot process stuck on Jetson TK1

Hello All,

I installed uEye IDS camera SDK on pre installed (R21) Linux - Jetson TK1 and then after one reboot Boot process is gettting stuck at the error captured in attached image…

It’s not even entering into console mode by ctrl+alt+F1 key so how can i come out of this error and resolve it ??

Any inputs is deeply appreciated…

That’s a kernel OOPS…definitely not good. Something related to a driver for the camera might be causing this. What was added for software, and how is the camera connected? Is there any change when any connection to the camera is physically removed? Do you know if the drivers were kernel module format? I’m thinking maybe clone, remove the module, then re-flash via the clone without module.

Thanks For your quick response…

Camera is connected to USB port of TK1 via USB hub.
I installed complete SDK now after if i want to use this camera driver i start one daemon process for this and then i use capture application to live stream the data…

If i reflash TK1 with R21 L4T , Will it resolve the issue ?

Flash should solve this, but if you clone rootfs first you can compare later…clone would take about 15GB of host space. See:

…once cloned, it is possible to edit the clone or reflash from the clone. Normal flash is of course also possible.

I suspect the driver install put something in the kernel module directory, or perhaps firmware, which is causing the issue. Very likely flash would fix the issue. The longer term issue though is getting your camera to work, so it becomes more important to clone. FYI, once you have a system up and running the way you like, e.g., shell set up as you want, it’s a good idea to clone just as a backup.

On your next go at installing the camera, you might want to add a second backup boot entry with an alternate kernel version naming working as a “rescue” entry…you’d need the serial console to take advantage of that.