R23.2 Building Kernel for V4L2


Do you know where can I find the patch file:


And how can I apply the patches on top of the kernel?

Thank you.

It is quoted here, from which you could copy and paste:

Thank you. Now I am trying to build the kernel but it gives me the following error:

HOSTLD  scripts/dtc/dtc
  CC      scripts/mod/empty.o
as: unrecognized option '-EL'
make[3]: *** [scripts/mod/empty.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [scripts/mod] Error 2
make[1]: *** [scripts] Error 2
make: *** [sub-make] Error 2

Also I could not configure the kernel, because each time I try to configure the kernel it creates .config file in the root directory of the kernel source, then I try to build kernel and it prompts me to call make mrproper. When I call mrproper, it deletes .config file. Whenever I create .config, I am prompted to call make mrproper so there is a vicious circle.

I have run into the “-EL” issue on a version 6.1 Linaro tool chain, but not with the earlier 4.8 through 5.3 chains. The “-EL” is for the assembler, and tells the assembler this is little endian ARM (but all of the Linaro toolchains are “-EL” anyway…"-EL" is like telling the chain to use the default it is using anyway, but if it doesn’t recognize the option it aborts). Which compiler/toolchain version were you using?

So far as being told to make mrproper, and having config create end up causing the compiler to want mrproper again, I am wondering if you are compiling the kernel in the source tree, or if you are naming a separate kernel compile build directory? I suspect the latter, as this can happen when part of clean/configure/build misses the “O=…location…” step. If this is the case, remember to go the kernel source, “make mrproper” and also “make O=location mrproper”. Then all future commands, including configuration commands, should have the “O=” parameter. The actual location specified in “O=” should be cleanly deleted and the directory recreated for cases like this.