r28.1 Device Tree "devnode" no longer honored

With the most recent release my cameras are not being assigned the devnode indicated in the device tree.

My dtsi specifies that the device with devname 0-0010 should be assigned as /dev/video1, but it is being assigned as /dev/video0.

If you are trying to modify the dtb via a file in “/boot” (an edit to extlinux.conf), then this has changed (what follows assumes R28.2). Not much of that is now useful.

Basically you need to use the flash tool since this information now goes into a partition. Example:

sudo ./flash.sh -r -d /where/ever/it/is/tree.dtb mmcblk0p1 jetson-tx1

Unfortunately this does mean you can’t pick alternate device trees via U-Boot entries.

This is just behavior I’ve noticed after porting from r24.2, I havn’t explicitly tested it. Argus still uses the original camera layout, the only thing that changed are the mapping of /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 which can be annoying for ioctl

There were a lot of changes going from a 3.x kernel a 4.x kernel…I wouldn’t be surprised if some parts of the device tree completely disappeared or drivers related to those sections had major changes. I couldn’t tell you what to change to get the video0/video1 change, but you might want to post what worked in the past and ask how to modify it for R28.2 to honor it.