R28.3 for TX1 can't enter login home screen

Dear Sir,

I have download and flash to TX1 Developkit, but TX1 can’t boot to login home screen. Do I need some other operations for R28.3 ?
L4T Driver Packagehttps://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/l4t-jetson-driver-package-28-3-tx1
L4T Rootfs https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/l4t-sample-root-filesystem-28-3-tx1

Could you share the log?

BTW, why do you put driver and rootfs separately, aren’t you using jetpack?

Dear WayneWWW,

What version Jetpack for R28.3 ? I just find R28.3 for TX1 but no suitable JetPack version.
Because It can’t login Ubuntu, I can’t use dmesg to get the kernel log, later I will try to get UART debug log.

Hi dennis_Leetop,

Are you running “apply_binaries.sh”?
Flash steps:

sudo tar xpf tx1-Tegra210_Linux_R28.3.0_aarch64.tbz2
cd Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/
sudo tar xpf ../../tx1-Tegra_Linux_Samples-Root-Filesystem_R28.3.0_aarch64.tbz2
cd ..
<b>sudo ./apply_binaries.sh</b>
sudo ./flash jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

Sorry for my mistake. It has no jetpack. Please share the UART log with us.

Dear WayneWWW,

Thanks for you information, I re-download the rootfs, and re-do the command extrat and ./apply_binaries.sh, now it works fine.