R32.2 USB ports bring-up


Is there any document about “PLATFORM ADAPTATION AND BRING-UP GUIDE” (document ID DA_07839-001" for R32.2.

I need the USB adaption example in it for 32.2.

so far, I modify the dts

original =>
xusb@70090000 {
phys = <&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_UTMI_P(2)>,
<&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_USB3_P(1)>,
<&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_UTMI_P(1)>,
<&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_USB3_P(0)>,
<&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_UTMI_P(0)>,
<&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_UTMI_P(3)>,
<&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_USB3_P(2)>;
phy-names = “utmi-2”, “usb3-1”, “utmi-1”, “usb3-0”, “utmi-0”, + “utmi-3”, “usb3-2”;

New =>
phys = <&{/xusb_padctl@7009f000/pads/usb2/lanes/usb2-0}>,
phy-names = “usb2-0”, “usb2-1”, “usb2-2”, “usb2-3”, “usb3-0”, “usb3-1”, “usb3-2”;

Could somebody help?

And I saw a discussion out the NV forum,
It mentions about ODMDATA in p2371-2180-devkit.conf.
Should I take care of it?

Please refer to example of TX2:

And modify xusb_padctl@3520000 and xhci@3530000 accordingly. ODMDATA is specific to TX2. Not required to modify it on TX1.

Hi Dan:

It’s work for me.


and sorry for my late reply.