r32.3.1 gpio question. when to use TEGRA_MAIN_GPIO or TEGRA_AON_GPIO

The pinmux spreadsheet is missing an indicator for MAIN_GPIO or AON_GPIO

We have it listed in this post:

This is unacceptable, please fix your documentation and quit pointing me to another very long forum topic.

Users are having problems FINDING all the topics they need to look at to get correct documentation!

Put the MAIN_GPIO, AON_GPIO, and port number information into the spreadsheet, you need to have one place to get the information, any explanation that requires the use of a spreadsheet, an .h file and dmesg is not correct.

We will check to improve the documentary. Currently the forum posts should give some information of programming gpio pins. From the post, you are using GPIO_PS.3 in your usecase. The informaion of using this pin has provided. Other than GPIO_PS.3, do you plan use either pin as gpio in the usecase. Would like to give quick information so that you can proceed your development.