R32.3.1 tx2-4g tegra_pwm3 initialization

I have this in my device tree, is there someway to make this led initialize as max-brightness in the device tree instead of waiting for the OS to set max-brightness

pwmleds {
compatible = “pwm-leds”;
led1 {
label = “vf610:green:led1”;
pwms = <&tegra_pwm3 0 40161 0>;
max-brightness = <255>;
default-brightness = <255>;


This is upstream kernel driver, so kernel-4.9/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/leds/leds-pwm.txt shall list the property.

Or you can directly go to the driver code and modify to what you need.


Need to cause the led to come on asap during the boot process. I need something that is before the kernel led stuff.

Is there anything I can put in the device tree to cause cboot to set the tegra_pwm3 high during cboot?


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