R32.3.1 tx2 what address do i use in devmem2 to read DSI_DSI_POWER_CONTROL_0



Hi terry,

Please be more specific on what issue you met currently, and what you have done on your bring up jobs, we need the full picture of your current status, then can give more precise suggestions to help you moving forward.


have done everything I have been told, and my mipi dsi lcd is not recognized.

I am trying to use your documentation and find it difficult to determine the actual memory address of the DSI_DSI_POWER_CONTROL_0 so I can determine if the dsi is actually enabled.

I found possible addresses for DSI_DSI_POWER_CONTROL_0 but I got console errors and DEAD2009 when trying to access the addresses with devmem2

Hi Terry,

Please refer to our post at https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/r32-3-1-mipi-dsi-lcd/113031/5

We don’t know how you do the rework with original devkit carrier board, not idea how your issue happened, you may need to check the DSI spec, OEM product design guide, then create your custom carrier board as solution.