R32.3.1 what are the differences between tx2-8g and tx2-4g kernel

will a kernel built for in the jetson directory for a tx2-8g run on a tx2-4g, all hardware differences are in the device tree, so this should work right?

Do I need to do a source_sync.sh for every system?

Same question for Nano, .config the same on all three devices, will the kernel work on any of the devices?


The kernels should be exactly the same. I don’t have a 4g version to test, but the kernel itself should be 100% interchangeable between the two.

​I am going to give it a try and hope that Nvidia really did their device trees correctly.


Linuxdev, thanks for the post. just tried it and they are interchangeable. This is going to make my life a bit better. Funny what make some old guys happy.