R32.7.3 download link addresses


Download of the Driver Package (BSP) for R32.7.2, R32.6.1 … was possible using the following format:

However, for R32.7.3 it has changed to

  • https://developer.nvidia.com/downloads/remksjetpack-463r32releasev73t186jetsonlinur3273aarch64tbz2
  • https://developer.nvidia.com/downloads/remetpack-463r32releasev73t210jetson-210linur3273aarch64tbz2

Using the format as described first, it makes it easier to script. Is the change of the link address format intentional?
If it is, please elaborate why it has changed.
If it is not, could the link address be changed to follow the earlier format?


If you download the files through web browser, the name should be identical to previous release(s). If you execute wget to download the package, name of the package is like remksjetpack-463r32releasev73t186jetsonlinur3273aarch64tbz2 and you may execute mv to rename the package.

Hi @DaneLLL

Thanks for the workaround, that also how I solved it.
However, can / will the links be changed so the extra step is not necessary?

Hi @DaneLLL

Could you please provide me an update on this?

We will check this and try to unify the naming in later release.

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