R35.1 Android Questions

I’ve been working on Android support for Xavier and Orin using the patches included in the r35.1 release. I’m presuming these patches are based on Googles common kernel android12-5.10 branch, but could the specific tag that was used be documented?

Regarding the boot stack. Is there an AndroidLauncher to match the L4TLauncher? Something that passes the slot_suffix bootarg, has avb2 support, handles reboot to recovery/fastbootd, etc.

Regarding the new boot redundancy support. The above link talks about how the boot slot info is stored in scratch registers, but it does not talk about how userspace is supposed to interact with boot slot metadata, outside of nvbootctrl. And neither nvbootctrl nor nv_update_engine are open source for me to read the code myself. So my question is: How do I change slot, set boot successful, etc from an Android boot control hal?

Regarding Android userspace in general. I am using rel-shield-r prebuilts, since those are the only ones publicly available. Based on previous experience, most of these should work fine on any tegra hardware. I am noting two issues. Hwcomposer crashes on Xavier, best I can tell, nvdc fails to initialize, but there’s no logs to tell exactly why. And also best I can tell, there’s no t23x support at all on the rel-shield-r branch. So the question here is: Will Android userspace compatible with t19x and t23x be available? The main points of concern are nvgpu/hwcomposer and nvmm/omx.

No, there is no plan to have Android OS support on Jetson platform.

Is Android a future target for the Tegra line in general? If not, the OSS community would love to continue support via distributions like LineageOS, but we’d need updated versions of (or source for) the userspace libs. Assuming you use Android as an internal testing platform (given the patches in the kernel repo), it would be very nice to release the few needed updated bins so we could continue providing Android support for the Tegra line unofficially.

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