[r35.2.1][Jetson-IO] Configure Jetson AGX CSI Connector

hi all,

as mentioned by Release Notes (r35.2.1).

Running Jetson-io tool over command line on Jetson AGX Orin does not show an option to configure compatible hardware for “Configure Jetson AGX CSI Connector” option.

you’ll see this issue if you’re using AGX Orin 32GB developer kit. i.e. SKU4
please download the attachment, JP-5.1_DTBO.7z (3.4 KB) and apply these dtbo binaries, to include the update of compatibility strings.
please copy-n-paste those updated *.dtbo binary files to /boot/, then you shall see options to configure compatible hardware for CSI connector.

note, you only need to apply them manually for Jetpack-5.1/ l4t-r35.2.1
this change is check-in to rel-35 code-line, next public release will also include this fix.