[R35.3.1 AGX Orin] - GMSL-Dual OX08B Cannot work simultaneously

I’m testing GMSL Sensors on Orin, including IMX490/ISX031/OX08B,IMX490 and ISX031 can run very nice with dual camera,but can’t run good when connect two OX08B,OX08B only run one

IMX490 is 4MP
ISX031 is 3MP
OX08B is 8MP

here is my driver and dts
DTS and driver

Here is my hardware architecture

I changed mipi speed from 1.5G to 2.4G bps, and OX08B is good also

Did you fix the problem by modify the mipi speed?

YES,Dual OX08B 8MP * 30 FPS about 8Gbps

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