R35.3.1AGX orin bring up linearity mode,and use the conformance test 'Sanity Tests' and 'Imager Tests' failed

now the sensor have bring up, we use the conformance test, find test failed, the driver code upload,please check the gain and exposure intterface.I have the following questions
gain_factor = “10000”;
min_gain_val = “10000”; /1x/
max_gain_val = “77500”; /7.75x/
step_gain_val = “625”;
default_gain = “20000”;

                                            exposure_factor = "1000000";
					min_exp_time = "28"; /*us, 2 lines*/
					max_exp_time = "18000";
					step_exp_time = "1";
					default_exp_time = "1000";/* us */

min_exp_time and max_exp_time How to calculate,

test ‘SANITY TEST’ ,this one makernote is not support

hello mingming,

this tool is the camera toolkit, which we only release to camera partners.
please contact with partners to resolve this. thanks

this tool is already available,i test this one makernote,the following warning information is displayed,Do I need to handle it,the INFO: Conformance Final Result: PASS,

may I have your clarification for this, thanks

may I have your clarification for this, thanks-----》Now I’ve got the tool and I’ve tested it

please contact with partners, we only support public release tools via forum discussion thread.

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