[R35.5.0] Orin Nano disable ADSP

Hi Nvidia team,
I’m using Orin Nano and enable sure boot w UEFI secure boot along with disk encryption.
On every boot, I’m noticed that there is some error with ADSP OS, seems to it’s related to display. I don’t intend to use display connect.

[ 31.452726] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: ADSP OS loading timed out
[ 31.458388] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: Unable to start ADSP OS
[ 31.463877] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: adsp failed to boot with ret = -62
[ 31.470326] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: Dumping ADSP logs …
[ 31.476406] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: End of ADSP log dump …
[ 31.482240] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: dumping fault frame…
[ 31.487613] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: r0 0x00000000 r1 0x00000000 r2 0x00000000 r3 0x00000000
[ 31.496302] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: r4 0x00000000 r5 0x00000000 r6 0x00000000 r7 0x00000000
[ 31.504990] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: r8 0x00000000 r9 0x00000000 r10 0x00000000 r11 0x00000000
[ 31.513681] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: r12 0x00000000 usp 0x00000000 ulr 0x00000000 pc 0x00000000
[ 31.522371] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: spsr 0x00000000
[ 31.527115] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: dumping arm mode register data…
[ 31.533491] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: fiq r13 0x00000000 r14 0x00000000
[ 31.540045] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: irq r13 0x00000000 r14 0x00000000
[ 31.546604] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: svc r13 0x00000000 r14 0x00000000
[ 31.553141] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: und r13 0x00000000 r14 0x00000000
[ 31.559680] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: sys r13 0x00000000 r14 0x00000000
[ 31.566236] nvadsp 2993000.adsp: abt r13 0x00000000 r14 0x00000000
[ 31.573712] tegra210-adsp tegra210-adsp: Failed to start OS
[ 31.579462] tegra210-adsp tegra210-adsp: Failed to init ADSP.
[ 31.601840] tegra210-adsp: probe of tegra210-adsp failed with error -62

Please help me on how to disable or remove it

Thank you in advance

Hi anhhao.hcmus,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin Nano?

Please share the full serial console log and device tree for further check.

Hi anhhao.hcmus,
Can you try applying the attached patch and provide result.
0001-t23x-p3768-Disable-adsp-audio-driver.zip (646 Bytes)

I’m using devkit,
Thank you so much!