R35.5 boot and flash issues

Hi, I’m updating our custom board Xavier NX’s L4T version and test R35.5 to flash. But there is a strange information in serial out put as below

[   10.867242] using random self ethernet address
[   10.867498] using random host ethernet address
[   12.403457] using random self ethernet address
[   12.404001] using random host ethernet address
[   13.641004] IRQ213: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.641148] IRQ214: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.641261] IRQ215: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.641370] IRQ216: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.641482] IRQ217: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.641851] CPU4: shutdown
[   13.700964] IRQ213: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.701086] IRQ214: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.701186] IRQ215: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.701282] IRQ216: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.701380] IRQ217: set affinity failed(-22).
[   13.703024] CPU5: shutdown
[   23.872298] nvidia: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.

Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS nvidia ttyTCU0

nvidia login: nvidia

How did this happen? I wonder if this CPU shutdown thing can influence our board function

By the way, there is another question on flash R35.5.
As for our product, we usually using rootfs_AB to flash this board. it is okay in previous version such as R35.2.1 and R35.3.1.
But when I tried flash rootfs_AB in R35.5 bsp, it comes out so many No sapce left on device error and print

tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
Failed. Your APPSIZE might be too small.

I don’t know how this happen

Please just ignore them.

Please file another topic for this, and give more log.

okay, thanks

I’ll do it later

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