Racer RTX

I’m trying to download Racer RTX but it doesn’t appear in the NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher library
Is it necessary to download something else to be available?

same. Been checking the launcher daily as it was mentioned release would be by November.

It’s Mid-February and I can’t seem to find Racer RTX on Onmiverse. Is there any new information or target dates?


Where is RTX Racer?

@xfanth it’s been mentioned in Discord that it’s still being worked on and making it for public consumption. it was on the show floor at SIGGRAPH last month, so i think it’ll be ready at some point soon. that said, i don’t know if there’s an announced release date at this time.

Thanks @Simplychenable - can you provide a link to the discord message, I’ve been reading blog posts of nvidia, but it seems like it’s not been updated in over a year

here you go - Discord

I don’t see anything when I follow that link - do you need to invite me?

you should be able to join via Discord.gg/NvidiaOmniverse

sorry, i made the assumption that you already had access. but it’s essentially what Edmar has replied in the other thread to your question.

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