Radar sensors?

I m debating to use isaac for my machine learning project where i intend to gather data in the simulation. I’ve heard that there have sometimes been issues with synchronisation during data recording between different sensors (pyhsics vs graphics engine). Is this still an issue, and is the solution to just have enough compute for the environment?

Also I would like to simulate a 60Ghz radar sensor in Nvidia Isaac, but i cant really find anything online toward it. Is there a way to archive this? Would it be possible to have material properties influence the radar reflections? I would also like to include mobile humans in my simulation with random moving limbs, is this possible?

Thank you for your answers in advance!


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Part reply to myself:
Moving people naturally, even with animations is possible. ( see here Learning About Simulating Humans in Omniverse (omni.anim.people) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG3uQwW3t1Q ).
Synchronization between physics and graphics seems to be syncable in recent versions (read something about step sizes per phys…)

No info on the possibility of simulating a 60Ghz radar sensor sadly. If anyone has info on this i would greatly appreciate any hints/tutorials.

Hi @J_nvidia_user - Radar is currently not supported in Isaac Sim.

Other than that if you see any issues when using other sensors in Isaac Sim, please let us know.

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@rthaker Thanks for your answer!

“currently not supported” means no ready to use module or cant be done? Would you happen to know if its on the timeline? Because in the latest release notes of 2023.1.1 Radar is explicitly listed (“RTX-LIDA, Radar, contact and IMU”).
And if one would set out to try and implement a custom radar sensor would this be theoretically possible from the API side? And how complex/deep would you expect this to be? Would a modification to the existing ‘general distance sensor module’ be possible where one would request not only the first ‘beam hit’ to be returned but also the second… (+ material if possible) :D.

Sorry for the weird questions, but i don’t know of any sims that support radar, so i m evaluating the options :)

So for anyone else looking for this, so far i’ve found the documentation on an ‘Isaac Compute RTX Radar Point Cloud Node’ here: Isaac Compute RTX Radar Point Cloud Node — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation

Unsure if this is what i’m looking for but will try it. I haven’t been able to find it in the “omni.isaac.sensor” package yet :( .