Radar with FlexRay

Hello everybody,
I’m currently trying to connect a radar to the PX2(AutoChauffeur) via the sensor interface FlexRay.
Has anyone tried it yet and could give me some information/advice?

@NVIDIA: Since there is already a good documentation and sample about the CAN bus, are you also going to add it for FlexRay in future releases?

Hello Philipp_BFFT,

Thank you for your question and request.
I have some questions.

  1. DPX2 has several CAN bus and Ethernet ports, is CAN bus or Ethernet not sufficient?
  2. What RADAR are you trying to connect? Several radar come with CAN and Ethernet interfaces. Thanks.

We are trying to connect the Radar: Delphi R3TR
It would be sufficient, but since there is no interface for CAN and Ethernet on this device, we’ll have to try it with FlexRay.