Radars for Jetson Nano

I wanted a list of compatible radar EVM kits for Jetson Nano with a minimum range of 100 meters please specify the model number as well. Thank you.

Vikram R.A

Hi, we don’t have such recommended “compatible radar EVM kits” for nano.

okay so how would i know if an EVM kit is compatible for the Jetson Nano except from trial and error ?

Are radar EVM kits compatible with Jetson Nano? like for example can i use a TI AWR1843 kit with Jetson Nano by connecting UART from the TI SoC to USB on Jetson Nano? Can that be used as a connection to access the sensor?

For those 3rd-party and not validated on nano devkit device, customer is responsible for the tuning or custom design. We provide the product design guide and the schematic of devkit for reference.