Ragdolls do not reliably fall asleep - PhysX 2.8.3 (used by Unity) - Need 2.8.3 Documentation

Hi there.

I’m having trouble getting rigidbodies to fall asleep - specifically ragdolls. So I’m trying to understand the criteria by which rigidbodies - especially when made into ragdolls - will go to sleep.

I’ve tried finding the documentation for the PhysX version used by Unity 4.X - PhysX 2.8.3. However, I cannot find it.

I’m trying to narrow down whether my failure to make rigidbodies fall asleep is a problem within PhysX, Unity, or our own code. Interestingly, modifying the global sleep velocity value does not seem to impact how quickly a ragdoll will fall asleep.
I created a scene with a ragdoll. The rigidbodies of the ragdoll will turn green when both their angular and linear velocities are beneath the sleep velocity thresholds. Assuming the default values (which appear to be 0.15 and 0.14 respectively), the ragdoll sleeps at roughly (but not exactly) the same time when all of the rigidbodies turn green. However, changing those thresholds breaks this - it seems as though they cannot be changed.

I don’t know if this is a Unity bug, but it would be nice to have predictable rigidbody sleeping logic.