Random freezes for 1-15 secs with linux nvidia drivers

for the past 2 years ive had to deal with my whole graphical output just completely freezing except for my cursor, only whenever im playing some game and more common with games ran through wine. it gets pretty annoying when you play games like osu or rocket league and a freeze for 2 secs or more can entirely mess up your play

ive tried searching up the issue online, but only got brought to:

i know for sure its a driver issue as 1. it doesnt happen at all when running games on windows, so not a hardware issue, and 2. its less common but still happens with linux native games, so not a wine bug

if anyone has a solution i will metaphorically give you free pringles

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I have the SAME exact issue!! So glad I am not alone, if anyone has a solution I will gladly add some metaphorical chocolate chip cookies to those pringles.

literally cant even run amongus without this freeze thing happening.

its not a hardware issue for me either, or a wine issue. although wine has their own struggles using NVIDIA GPUs (you don’t exactly make it easy for them)