Random Number Generator on CUDA

I am using Mersenne Twister implementation from SDK lib for the generation of Random numbers on CUDA.
But the present version generates random numbers only of a period 2^677-1 , and only for the 4096 threads.
As the parameters for 4096 threads/ Mersenne twisters are generated in that way …

But, i want to generate PRNG for different period and for larger number of threads, so i need to compile and run spawnTwisters.c,
file. But i got compilation issue, due to unavailability of ‘dc.h’ header file.

Can anybody tell me, where can i find dc.h file. (dynamic creator header file)

I am working with NVDIA_ CUDA_SDK_2.1 / version.

Or is there any other way to generate different parameters of different period and for different number of threads.?

It can help you: