random_number on device


I am wondering about availability of the random_number intrinsic on the device. If I interpret the documentation correct (Table 3.7) it appears to be implemented but I get an error
PGF90-S-0155-Calls from device code to a host subroutine are allowed only in emulation mode - random_number

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks, Jan

We do not yet support random_number on the device. In our most recent release, PGI 15.7, we’ve included some examples of calling cuRAND on the device. We will overload random_number(), like you want, in an upcoming release.

Hi brentl,

Thanks very much for the heads up!


Do we have any news regarding random numbers on device?
In CUDA Fortran Programming Guide and Reference 2018 and 2019 is reported as an intrinsic function.


Sorry, the document is in error. We don’t yet have random_number() on the device.