Random power offs

I am getting random power offs my AC adapter is 5V 5 Amps ? its very frustrating

Hi kerron.manwaring,

Not sure if that’s caused by USB cable quality, some USB cables can lead to additional voltage drop, have you tried with another one?
Please find more information from: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1048640/jetson-nano/power-supply-considerations-for-jetson-nano-developer-kit/

I soldered a 5.5V 1.5 F capacitor across the power supply. problem solved. Thanks

That’s actually surprising!
Most supercaps (1.5F counts as a supercap) have impedance of 20 Ohm or more. A 100 mA current surge would drop the voltage by 2V.
When stabilizing power, I’ve generally used 1000 uF / 25V capacitors with ESRs in the 1 Ohm range.

LOL yea it worked. The power supply is definitely bad a lot of fluctuations it was a temporary fix for a demo. We had to desolder it from an old project 10 minutes before the demo. it got us through. I already ordered another power supply.