Random result when importing FBX animation

Hello everyone,
I hope someone can help me address this problem: I’m trying to import a custom made character into Machinima 2022.2.1 to animate it via the Pose Tracker. Since I couldn’t get a decent result, I’ve gradually simplified the process, importing my character with a MetaHuman rig, then with a Mixamo rig, then switching to a premade Mixamo character, then again removing the Pose Tracker altogether and working with a standard Mixamo character with an animation downloaded from the same site. Every time I got a different problem, either one leg is offset from the rest of the body, or the pelvis is dragged below the floor level, or some of the bones are rotating on another axis… Please help!

I can provide videos or detailed description of my process step by step, if it helps. Thank you

Hello @willy.utano! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

I recommend that you join our discord server at discord.gg/nvidiaomniverse where we have 1,000’s of members, industry professionals, and developers ready to assist you with any questions you may have!

I don’t know what specific issue you need help with - need to narrow down to one at a time.

But I can tell you that Mixamo characters don’t work right now because re-targeting requires a root bone at origin (at the feet) and Mixamo characters’ root bone is at the hips.

If you add a root joint - re-targeting will probably work fine as long as the retarget setup is correct.

Hi @agrant3d and @WendyGram . Sorry for replying this late to this topic, but I was dealing with many deadlines and couldn’t get the time to tinker with Machinima. Anyway, I’ve posted the same question on the Discord server (I’m Hyunkel_w over there), which led to a couple of tests on my side, like having a root bone added to the Mixamo skeleton in Maya and then re-exported to Omniverse, or creating another automapping json for the ue5 metahuman, but to no avail. I’ve also recently tried again with a Metahuman exported from Unreal to Omniverse. Somehow this last test went a little better than the previous one, but still I can’t reach the desired result. In the preview mode, for example, looks like the arms are flipped by the retargeting tool, and I can’t understand why…

Any help, as usual, is greatly appreciated.