Randomized stereo camera that follows a trajectory in Replicator for Data Generation

Hi, I have a stereo setup with 3 cameras. I defined the cameras in the .usd file and make them children of an Xform called “stereo_cam”. Then, I randomized this Xform according to following code:

It works fine and I can generate data with that. The next step is to have a trajectory for each of the points (that have been chosen randomly by rep.modify.pose). My idea is to get the pose of “stereo_cam” at each randomly chosen point and modify the pose with rep.modify.pose again (double loop) such that the camera follow the trajectory (let’s say trajectory is to go in a y direction 30 timesteps and each time y increase by 5cm).

The problem is that when I detect the “stereo_cam” in the code by:
stereo_cam = rep.get.prims(path_pattern=“/Replicator/Ref_Xform/Ref/stereo_cam”)
Its type is “ReplicatorItem” and I can not find a way to obtain its pose.

I have 2 specific questions:

  1. How can I get the pose of the ReplicatorItem object?
  2. Does my idea for generating data with a randomized camera that also follows a specific trajectory make sense, or there is a better way to do that?

Thank you very much.

Hello @mokhtars! I’ve directed the devs to your post!

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Hello @mokhtars! The dev team got back to me, here is the update:

Unfortunately, Replicator does not have this functionality currently. Both path along a trajectory and info from ReplicatorItems are under development.

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OK, thank you for your consideration.