Randomly GPU crash? when running certain games

I have GTX 970 with propertiary drivers(495) and Ubuntu 21.10

When I play via Wine at certain games like Patrician IV or Kingdom Come Deliverance, then after some time(randomly between 10s - 4h), screen turn off and later start to show random color(usually black, white or green) - I can’t do anything on OS later, music still plays but I can’t .

The problem doesn’t happens with all games. I played almost 120h without any similar crash with Witcher 3.
The problem happens both on Ubuntu 21.10 with Nvidia 495 drivers and also ~390 with Kubuntu 18.04, so this is not a problem with my OS setup.

I tried to disable/enable DXVK, turn off/on many options in Nvidia Settings and a lot of other things, but I still have this problem.
In journals, I don’t see any thing that could show what and why it exactly crashed(I don’t even know ).

Nvidia report - nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (371.1 KB)

Did you create the log right after a crash/reboot? There’s nothing related to be seen in it.

Just after reboot,
I created it again, but still I don’t see any disturbing things nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (393.6 KB)

I tested game with and without specific options like esync, gamemode, lutris libraies etc., and always, sooner or later, monitors start to show random color or just turn off(computer still works).

I changed settings in game to the lowest playable settings, so I have in most of the time 60fps and 50% GPU and 50% CPU utilization, but game still crashes, so I don’t think that this is a problem with too small amount of power given to card.

The Xserver isn’t even crashing, it’s just continuing until you shut it down cleanly. Did you check the journal for the games actually segfaulting?

I checked this several times after crash, but there is nothing to see - journal.txt (12.3 KB)

Game still works(at least music).

Really difficult to find a cause with zero errors reported. Does this also happen if you disconnect the VGA monitor, running only one monitor?