RANSAC (RANdom SAmple Consensus) using CUDA? ransac for gpu using cuda


I need a fast RANSAC implementation for the nVidia GPU using CUDA. I have been searching around the web, but I dont really find implementations or algorithms for GPUs. I could find the same for algorithms like KLT, SURF, SIFT etc…

Has it been done? If not, I would like to do it. Please kindly give me your inputs.

Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated.

Replying to my own question, the CUDA sift has a very sweet implementation to compute Homographies. HTH


I also try to find fast RANSAC , but I could not find it. I think we have to implemente it.

I implemented SIFT and SURF using varous parallel method, but SURF is not implemented yet.

If you have a code about SURF using CUDA, please teach me any site or code…



I have not come across cuda SURF, but there is a RANSAC implementation in the cuda SIFT project. Have you implemented RANSAC too?


I’m also looking for some implementations of SIFT and RANSAC algorithms in CUDA. Seeing thay you have implemented SIFT algo in CUDA , would you be kind enough to share this implementation.

Thanks in advance,