RAPIDS 22.02 Issue with WSL 2

This is almost certainly a transient issue, but I wanted present my workaround for anyone having this issue. As of RAPIDS 22.02, the wsl 2 installation of cudatoolkit doesn’t seem to be working.

This workaround may amount to a hack or may have unforeseen side-effects (I’m marginally informed and a bit out-of-depth)

from Ubuntu-20.04 wsl shell:

nano ~/.bashrc

at the bottom add in (you may want to double check this is the location of your libcuda.so files by searching in wsl)


ctrl-x to save

then from wsl prompt:

sudo ldconfig

At this point, it’s probably a good idea to exit → exit and restart wsl. Then

jupyter notebook

Hope that helps!

quick note, conda installed -c nvidia cudatoolkit=11.6

add nvcc with:

conda install -c nvidia/label/cuda-11.6.1 cuda-nvcc