RAS error after modifying ODMDATA

I’m using JP 5.1.1 and followed this chapter:
to use my xavier nx as pcie endpoint.

I modified p3668.conf.common by changing ODMDATA from

I flashed successfully but now getting RAS error upon startup.
startup log:
startup.log (68.9 KB)

My final goal is to use ethernet over PCIe.


please move to 5.1.3. Already a known issue fixed.

I did it, but now the flashing process hangs.

If I build the BSP from scratch (unpacking Linux_for_Tegra and more…) and not modifying the ODMDATA variable in p3668.common.conf the flash succeeds. If I modify it and overwrite the file the flash hangs.

flash log:
falied_flash.log (47.6 KB)

please share the serial console log during flash failure.

failed_flash_serial.log (16.7 KB)

Could be a general flashing problem of 5.1.3 with xavier nx?

What is the flash log if you don’t modify the ODMDATA and flash?

I have to apologise for misleading you.

I get the same result if I modify and if I don’t. This is the log without modifying. it hangs in the same place.
Maybe I have general error not related to ODMDATA.

From your perspective, maybe you know to guide me towards the cause?


Are you using sdcard module or emmc module…?

xavier nx, emmc module

Then why are you using sdcard board config to flash…

I’m using the devkit config…

devkit config has 2 kinds for Xaiver NX. Please read your file names under L4T directory.

Many apologies. your’e right. I didn’t noticed this until now. I used the devkit conf files all the time.

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