RAS Error in L2 on BL31 and failed to boot when Xavier NX boot up

please directly try rel-35.2 release.

Hi, all our development work is based on R35.1, we can not update to R35.2 immediately,please help me solve on R35.1

Will share you the patch later.

Hi @WayneWWW , unfortunately,I flashed failed on rel-35.2.1 either after extcute : ln -sf tos-mon-only_t194.img tos_t194.img

Hi @WakkeWang

This will be resolved in next release.

Hi, team, could you please share me the patch first ?


Sorry, we just checked, there is no patch to share. Need to directly use this new mon-only image.
tos-mon-only_t194.img (90.5 KB)

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