RAS error

hello, sometimes in my orin dev board, I will get RAS error like this and it seems try to access 0x7fffa340 physical address. I know the physical memory start at 0x80000000. So I am wondering any special at 0x7fffa340 ?

ERROR: RAS Uncorrectable Error in SCC, base=0xe017000:
ERROR: Status = 0xe400090d
ERROR: SERR = Illegal address (software fault): 0xd
ERROR: IERR = Address Range Error: 0x9
ERROR: MISC0 = 0x16000000
ERROR: MISC1 = 0x51835
ERROR: MISC2 = 0x0
ERROR: MISC3 = 0x0
ERROR: ADDR = 0x800000007fffa340
ERROR: **************************************
ERROR: sdei_dispatch_event returned -1

Sorry for the late response, we will have this issue fixed at the next release. Thanks

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