Raspberry Pi Imager for Xavier NX

I just got my Xavier NX a couple days ago and 1 of the first things i done was to build the Raspberry Pi Imager from the source for the Xavier NX, basically ARM64. I use it all the time on windows and Raspberry Pi to flash my images to micro SD cards, and it works for the Jetson Images too.

Ever since Raspberry Pi Foundation released it, i have been a fan of it as i find it faster, seems to use the max performance of the SD card/drive than Balena Etcher and got annoyed by a surprise popup to pre-order etcher pro.

So decided to build the Raspberry Pi Imager for my Xavier NX, Tested it by flashing a few images, from downloading and flashing Raspberry Pi OS, to flashing a custom OS such as the Xavier NX JetPack Image and erasing an SD card. Also, best thing is that its open source. The Raspberry Pi repo does contain an ARM64 version but it does not install on the Xavier, due to dependencies that cannot be installed

The Xavier NX build of the rpi imager can be found here

That’s cool! Thanks for our sharing to community!