Raspi 2 Camera / no camera available

Thanks, I get the point only partly. Why would the use of the newest SD image which contains JP4.6 behave different than a JP4.6 installed by SDKMan ? I also tried the SD image wit JP4.4 with no success

hello felix15,

they’re the same in theory,
since we cannot repo the same failure, please have a try to narrow down the issue.

Hi JerryChang,
finally I found a computer to run SDKManager and installed JP4.6 on the Nano. Unfortunately the result is completely the same. If, as you mentioned, the regulator settings may be corrupted: Is there any chance to measure the voltages ? And if so, which should be expected ?

I was able to get the pinout diagrams for B01. Measuring power supply on both connectors show clean 3.3V with no noise when both modules are connected. Any thoughts on this from anybody ??? :-)

hello felix15,

do you still see the same failure? imx219_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (-121)
please let us know the exactly camera module info, for example, which vendor it is.

Hi JerryChang, yes, same error
I ordered 2 new original raspberry V2 cameras from trustworth store. See images please.
Thanks again for any help !! :-)