raspi camera driver.

Hi , i am using raspberry pi camera v1 with my jetson nano.
I have flashed SD card image for my jetson nano-

I followed the link-
https://developer.ridgerun.com/wiki/index.php?title=OmniVision_OV5647_Linux_driver_for_Jetson_Nano wherer i completed till 4th step but from where can i get “4.2_nano_ov5647.tar.gz”?

Maybe it’s doesn’t matter ,Or no privately source patch ?

take a look

also other urls from raspberrypi


I imagine RidgeRun would be happy to sell you the sources for the OV5647 driver.

If you just want a low-cost camera that works with the Nano, get a Pi Camera v2 compatible camera (with IMX219 sensor) from any of the usual sources (ebay, ali express, amazon, etc.)

some other guys made a progress.

Thanks all for the reply.