Ratchet Documenation

We are interested in using the OEM-FW Ratchet functionality to prevent
the loading of old firmware versions. All the information we have about
that feature is from the following:


I’ve used the SDK Manager to install the software for the Jetson AGX
Xavier hardware, and successfully used it to flash the device from my
Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit. Looking through the software, I
can’t find any of the files referred to in the documentation for the
OEM-FW Ratchet feature. So, I have the following questions:

Is there more detailed documentation describing how to use this feature?

If not, is the feature supported in the developer kit SDK?

Is there another package that needs to be installed to provide the
necessary files?

There seems to be two sides to implementing the feature: a) adding the
ratchet value to the MB1 BCT for each firmware component, and b) setting
the version in the Boot Component Header (BCH) of each firmware
component. We need information for configuring both sides.


Looks like this document is incomplete. We will check this internally.

Any update yet?


Please expect delay. This would take more time because some files are missing for this part.