Rate Distorted Optimization


Is there interest in offering a block encoding scheme that also considers the effects of LZ style compressors (Rate Distortion Optimization)? It’s a big ask, just curious if it’s on the road map. A growing concern of ours (and presumably everyone in the space) is texture size and block compressed formats are famous in providing poor compression ratios, even for textures with fairly smooth features at the block level.


Hi @jesse.r.meyer! It’s definitely something I’ve personally been thinking about. At the moment, the Texture Tools Exporter has Basis UASTC and ETC1S, which use rate-distortion optimization (using the Basis library). While we have Zstandard compression on by default for KTX textures, I don’t think NVTT’s core BC1-BC7 and ASTC compressors have RDO support at the moment.

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Thanks, we use the block (BNC) formats directly.