Rate limiting on posts is set extremely conservatively

This forum has the rate limit set to a ridiculously tight limit cap of one minute per message. This makes it extremely difficult to engage in any kind of conversation on the forum as I must wait for the clock to run out before I can reply or post something elsewhere.

Please consider changing this to something more developer friendly and conducive to asking for support in a timely manner.

Hi @estee,

Thanks for the feedback. The rate limits are in place to protect the forums from malicious bot attacks. I made a slight change, and your account should now have more relaxed limits.

Let me know if you have any other issues or concerns.


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Thank you, appreciated.

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Hi @estee. Our Discord server is really good for getting more immediate responses and having text, voice, and video chats. Hope you’ll join us at NVIDIA Omniverse if you haven’t already.

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