Rationale for leaving out EMMC/MicroSD on Production Modules

I’d like to understand the rationale of removing MicroSd and EMMC on production modules.

Earier modules had MicroSD on DevKit versions and EMMC on production modules. Both used the same procesor pins , so you could have either one or the other. MicroSD is easier to handle during development, EMMC is faster and more robust. I fully understand it.

I have had a look at an Orin NX production module. It seems to still have footprints for uSD and EMMC. Why was the EMMC removed on production modules? Supply chain issues? Costs? Both would be valid reasons for me. A 256G NVME SSD costs about 40$ on Amazon, and these 40$ only buys you an 128GB EMMC chip on Digikey. Plus the NVME SSD is much faster. Ok, makes totally sense for me.

But couldn’t you spend just an extra dollar to put a uSD slot onto the module if the footprint is even there? This would help in many situations, And even a 5$ markup for a 600$ module would be neglegible for most customers.

That’s the decision from internal team, I will forward your opinion to them to see if can share some information.

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