Raw Bayer procesing with Argus


I have this kind of pipe to implement:
Camera capture -> Bayer processing with GPU -> De-noise -> Debayer -> MPEG.

As I can see Argus with ISP can do capture, de-noise, debayer and mpeg easily (MPEG is optional actually).
I should somehow get into stream of Bayer data before ISP starts.

I can see that EGLStream as input stream from camera (Am I wright?).
So camera frames should be captured somehow, than processed with GPU and than the only option is to emulate this input camera stream to Argus and force ISP to post-process frames.

Am I wright? Is there another way to handle intermediate Bayer data before ISP processing?

Can I find ISP’s throughput timings and Megapixels estimates for it’s functions?


You can use v4l2 framework instead of argus/nvcamerasrc to get bayer data like v4l2-ctl

Thanks for reply, v4l2 is an option.
But we need to De-noise and Debayer after white balance and gamma correction in GPU.
So it would be good to use ISP instead of GPU NPP for example.

OK, then there’s no way for argus to get raw data from the pipeline in current software design.