.raw file for volume texture to use with CUDA and OpenGL

My question may not be exactly a CUDA question.
In sample code in CUDA tool kit, there is a volume texture raw file called bucky.raw, which is 323232 voxel in size.
I am looking for more raw files like bucky.raw

Anyone please suggest me where I can get .raw files with volume texture.
Also please give me some clue on how can I generate volume texture .raw files.
I want to use for CUDA and openGL application.

It is strange that I am not able to find any example .raw file for volume texture, anywhere online.

This may be of interest:

[url]c++ - What is .raw file format in cuda sample code? - Stack Overflow

Many Thanks Robert_Crovella! I saw this example before. I have created some .raw file with python in Blender.