Raw image file to yuv using libargus

Hello, I need to convert a raw picture file into a yuv image. How can I achieve this using the libargus api?

Hello and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums @hyashas89!

Which Jetson device are you using? While this might not be relevant to using libargus, it would help finding the right “home” for your request, since we have dedicated Jetson forums for most of our different Hardware offerings.

Searching in those brought quite a few results for libargus. But of course my first suggestion would be to check if the official documentation is of any help.

I hope this gets you started!

we are using Jetson AGX Orin


Then I hope it is ok if i adjust this post to move it over to the dedicated AGX Orin folks.

sure Markus

We support live camera source in using ISP engine. It is not supported to process RAW frame data from files.

Indeed, we have the image that was caught by the camera(.raw), thus we’re attempting to convert it to a yuv picture using libargus

You may refer to sensor driver programming guide to enable it in Argus. However if you have done this and can get YUV420 output, the next is IQ may not fit your requirement. And you would need to contact our camera partner to get support.

Also we would suggest consider to use existing camera modules from our partner.