RayQuery<>::TraceRayInline() failing to test on TLAS bound as SRV


I’m preforming a series of ray queries against an acceleration structure bound as a RaytracingAccelerationStructure from an indirect compute dispatch in HLSL.
Normally, this works as expected/intended, but there are instances where any call from TraceRayInline() on the AS, during its lifetime, results in CommittedStatus() returning COMMITTED_NOTHING.
Only after recreating the underlying BLAS resource is there a chance that it may function properly again (using the same ray workload).

I’ve inspected the AS in PIX during both cases, but the struct itself always appears to be in the same correct state. Further, the debug layer / GBV doesn’t emit anything related to the issue.
Apart from this, the shader executes correctly - it will in this case simply always decide to write out a static env map sample.

Thank you.

SM: cs_6_5 / cs_6_6 / cs_6_7
Hardware: GTX 4060
Driver: 536.40
OS: Win 11

The issue seems to be resolved after I switched to as TLAS that gets updated/rebuild every frame.

Hello @mennomflt8, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Great to hear that you could find a fix for your issue.

And thank you for updating here, much appreciated!