Razer blade15 rz09-0410 ubuntu22.04.1LTS performance mode crash

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (178.9 KB)

My freshly installed razer laptop crashes when either: using performance -mode prime profile and/or connecting external display to hdmi-port (regardless of prime profile).
Crash occurs after 2-4 mins after login when running performance-mode or after connecting display.

I’m running 520.56.06 currently but I’ve tested 470 and 515 also.
I’ve also tested installing ubuntu 22.10 and fedora 36.
I’ve checked and there is no newer bios available.

Seems X-session crashes as I can still run ssh to the machine fine.

I managed to get nvidia-crash logs. Attatching it.

Please check for a bios update. If that doesn’t help, the gpu is broken, check warranty.

I’ve checked and there is no new bios and GPU works fine in windows 10.

Please check if setting kernel parameter
helps. Though I don’t expect that.

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Thanks I’ve added it to grub and now it seems more stable.
Altought I’m quite sure I’ve tested this before.
I will try it out and get back.

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet splash intel_idle.max_cstate=1”

Strangly the issue seemed to be gone for a while. But upon testing today the issue still occurs after connecting an external monitor to hdmi.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (204.8 KB)

I really think your notebook is beginning to break.

Well last time I tested windows worked fine. It has dual boot now so I will test in windows again and see if I can replicate the issue.

You might want to run Furmark on the nvidia for some time on Windows, maybe this will be enough to trigger it.

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