RC1 crashes a WPF application when debugging it

I’m still trying to debug a WPF application, and I am able to start graphics debugging on it (with the latest Nsight 3 RC1). However when I want to capture a frame in order to inspect draw calls, windows insists that the debugged WPF application stopped working. Furthermore, if I’m too slow in closing said debugged application, windows insists that Visual Studio stopped working as well.

I’ve put together a sample which produces the exact behaviour: http://www.file-upload.net/download-7205321/nSight-Crash.zip.html

Windows: Winows 7 SP1, x64
Visual Studio: 2010 w/o SP //< edit obviously not 2012…
Nsight: 3 RC1 (Build:
Driver: 306.97

I am having this exact problem as well, except I am using WinForms. Very annoying as all I am wanting to do is debug my application using some of the new 3.0 features but it just keeps crashing.

Hi guys,

We don’t officially support debugging managed applications in Nsight.