"RCM boot" and "normal flash"

tx2 Development Guide 32.2 Release says:
Jetson TX2 TegraBoot-CPU is responsible for:
•RCM boot
The flow for RCM boot is similar to a cold boot except that the binaries are transferred from the host over USB and loaded directly to SDRAM. TOS and BPMP-FW are not loaded in this path.
•For normal flashing TegraBoot-CPU takes the binaries from the host one-by-one and flashes them to the device.
•In RCM boot, TegraBoot-CPU takes the binaries from the blob downloaded by MB1. The binaries are not flashed onto the device.

I know how to enter recovery mode, and how to flash. When we flash tx2, we have to go in RCM. When finished, then tx2 will boot. which is this procedure, normal flash or RCM boot?

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What you are doing for flashing the board is the RCM boot.

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Why we can’t see any TBoot-CPU key word in boot log, but there are TBoot-BPMP?
Log as below,

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The attach file is the log file.

Serial-COM9_0920_14-59-02.log (223 KB)

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The log you shared is a cold boot log which of course will not have TegraBoot-CPU…


Which boot has TegraBoot-CPU and how to enter that boot?

As the document indicates, that only appears when you are flashing the board.