RDS 2016 with RemoteFX vs DDA on MS Hypervisor

Can someone steer me where Im trying to go here. There appears to be a sea of information here and my direction isn’t clear to me yet. Im building up a Dell r720 with Server 2016 for a hosted guest RDS Server. Im trying to get a video performance improvement and looking into a GPU that I can pass through to my RDS server. What cards should I be looking at for a server with 60 users and about 25 concurrent at a time? What hardware and what licensing fees can I expect to pay.If I use DDA, can all my concurrent users access the GPU if its dedicated to that VM? If my users aren’t engineers should I just go with remotefx?I understand remotefx is dead ending but this server will hopefully last another 4 years or so then get retired.


hmm no replies.


What applications will you be running?